Remote Personal Training
Tim Walcott - Personal Trainer

Same great training, designed to fit your schedule.

Remote training is the newest offering from Motus Strength. Our remote personal training program allows you to meet your fitness goals entirely online.

How it works:

An initial phone, FaceTime or Skype call consultation gives us a chance to meet and discuss your fitness goals and training experience. We’ll work together to create a customized program based on your goals and the equipment you have available. We’ll provide feedback on your form, provide program updates and nutrition consultation.

Benefits of Remote Personal Training:

  • No long-term commitment (month to month)
  • 1 initial phone or FaceTime consultation
  • Customized programming based on your personal goals, training experience and equipment availability
  • Evidence-based nutrition consulting
  • Up to 3x per week support via text or email
  • Access to exercise library with video demos
  • Entitled to weekly program updates
  • Entitled to weekly form checks
  • Entitled to weekly phone check-ins

Would you prefer in-person training? Visit our personal training options.

Space is limited. Sign up now to take advantage of our $75 per month introductory rate.