The Importance of the Patient-Provider Relationship When It Comes to Pain Management

Despite being originally proposed in the ‘70’s by psychiatrist George Engel, the “biopsychosocial model” of health (BPS) is the newest craze among healthcare professionals. This model contradicts the current “biomedical” model of health, wherein the amount of pain you perceive is theorized to be the direct result of a physical pathology or biological damage. This[…]

Narrative Behind Stretching

Stretching has been the panacea to people’s problems for what seems like forever. The narrative we’ve been sold around stretching has long been exaggerated by people. Stretching your hamstrings was the “fix” to back pain for decades. Stretching your chest seems to currently be the secret to “fixing” your posture. But what does it actually[…]

Something’s Missing

The more I venture through life, the more I realize people think there’s something missing from an aspect of their life. Whether it’s financially, spiritually, mentally, or – what this blog will be mostly about – physically. When you look around at others and see their success, or your closest definition to what success is,[…]

Coming Back From An Injury: My Experience

Getting hurt is inevitable. And the risk of getting hurt increases with the regular participation of exercise. If you’ve been lifting weights, running, crossfitting, or some other form of exercise for at least a year or two, then you’ve probably experienced some form of “injury”. There are ongoing debates that explore the challenges surrounding how[…]